5 Common Car Tint Brands In Malaysia

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Due to the hot weather in Malaysia, most car owners will opt to tint their cars. We know the benefits of getting our car tinted, but do you there are many types of car tint brands in Malaysia? Each has its own features to help car owners.

Did you know there are at least 10 car tint brands in Malaysia? All of them aim to help car owners reduce heat and protect them from harmful UV rays. But the quality may vary, which will affect the ability to reduce heat in your car.

Most of the time, car tint installers only offer certain brands and may help you choose according to your needs. But you will still need to understand the differences between each brand. This will help you understand how it performs after being installed on your car. We will discuss the unique features of each brand in this article.

Car Tint Brand In Malaysia #1 – V Kool

Car Tint Brand
Image Credit: V-Kool

V Kool is one of the common car tint brands in Malaysia. Established in 1993, they have built up their reputation. As the pioneer in the industry, they have their products in more than 20 countries. Tint film they are specialize in includes high performance paint protection film and spectrally-selective sputtered window films. 

V Kool have a crystal clear looking, providing a colorless appearance. It provides better visibility, allowing drivers to drive in ease. They are known for superior heat rejection. It is able to filter UV radiation and up to 99% UV screening. It reduces the heat in your car, creating a cooling environment for driving.

There’s warranty from the manufacturer of V Kool and the car installer. Issues that the warranty covers include peeling, bubbling, and discolouration. Ensure you get the warranty from the car tint installer if any.

Car Tint Brand In Malaysia #2 – 3M Autofilm

Car Tint Brand
Image Credit: Carsome

Being able to be in the industry for more than 50 years, they have their unique features that make them stand out. They can cater to different need and preference. They got their first sun control film patent in 1966.

Their car tint can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, allowing you to drive in a safer environment. It can also reduce glare. You won’t need to drive without too much interference from the sun. For those who are looking for privacy, this brand definite suite you. There’s no signal interference, this would be great for those who need to use GPS.

Their outstanding heat rejection and UV protection is the main reasons to opt for this brand. But their costs are higher than other brands, which may be an issue for those with tight budget. But it worth the price to install it as their long lasting performance helps to protect your car.

Car Tint Brand In Malaysia #3 – LLumar

Car Tint Brand
Image Credit: Llumar

LLumar is another recognized brand that you can find in the car tint market in Malaysia. Established since 1950, they are one of the leading companies for car tint film. They have won the heart of many people. They have a variety of tint film, such as dyed, metalized, and ceramic options. 

They uses advanced nano-ceramic technology for their car tint film, allowing to reduce up to 63% of heat in your car.  It can block UR rays, protecting you from harmful UV rays. It is also a good choice for those who want to enhance the look of their car. It has low reflectivity rate, which will not be too obtrusive for your car. 

They do provide warranty, which include bubbles, delamination, defects, and discoloration. This is an important factor to consider as it is to protect your car tint. Due to its protection that it can provide to your car and the advanced technology that they use, the cost will be slightly higher. 

Car Tint Brand In Malaysia #4 – Solar Gard

Car Tint Brand
Image Credit: Window Film Magazine

Another car tint brand uses in Malaysia will be Solar Gard. Solar Gard may not be widely known as the above mentioned car tint brands, but it is still one of the reputable car tint brand that you can trust. There may be similarities among each brand, but there are features that still car owners prefer.

Solar Gard car tint film can block up to 70% of solar heat. You will be driving in a cooler environment. Their UV protection is similar to SPF 285, protecting you from harmful UV rays. Sokar Gard understands the irritation of light shining into your eyes while driving; their car tint film can prevent glare from the sun.

Solar Gard uses metalized and nano-ceramic technologies in their car tint film, allowing your car to be cooler under the hot climate. They have various type of films to meet different needs of car owners. 

Car Tint Brand In Malaysia #5 – Raytech

Car Tint Brand
Image Credit: Raytechfilms

Raytech is another brand providing high-quality car tint film in Malaysia. Their price may not be the lowest, but they are one of the most reliable brands car owners can trust. They use the finest raw material to make the base film, which is polyester.

They have the best heat rejectionwhere they reject 99% of UV rays, 58% of total solar heat, and 70% VLT. It helps with the fading of the car’s interior and prevents harmful rays. One thing that is preferred by car owners other than reducing the heat is that it can enhance the car’s look.

Their warranty period is 5-7 years. They do have their requirements to replace without cost. You do need to go through the terms and conditions. Ensure that you keep the original receipt. 

Here are a few common car tint brands available in Malaysia. Ensure that you go to the authorized dealer to install the brand you want, or you can go to a reliable car tint installer such as U Tint Kulai for advice on your car window tinting. 


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