5 Major Differences Of Different Car Tint Series

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There are a few car tint series at U Tint Kulai. It can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when you don’t know much about car tinting. We have a few articles on car tinting where you can get more information. You will get to know what you are getting into before your car tinting.

We won’t be going deep into car tinting in this article, but the differences between the different car tint series at U Tint Kulai. You will find a few car tint series like Classic Pro, supreme series, Titanium Series, and other tint series. 

It may look similar between these car tint series but definitely there are a slight difference in it. It will help you to choose what’s the best for your car if you know the difference in each car tint series. So, let’s dive deep to know more about the car tint series in U Tint Kulai.

Comparison Of Car Tint Series #1 – Materials

Tint Series

Like others, the materials for car tint can vary. Although the purpose of the car tint is to reduce the heat and block UV Ray, but each material has its own feature. You need to understand the feature before you install one that suits you. 

For example, Classic Pro series and Supreme series uses carbon dyed film. Carbon dyed film can block light rays and absorb heat but it may not be as effective as others. It has a matte finish which can enhance your car’s look. This suits those who are looking for privacy rather than reducing the heat. 

The Titanum series uses nano ceramic film. Nano ceramic film provides better performance than other car tint materials as it uses advanced technology for car tinting. It has exceptional heat rejection, superior protection, and durability. 

Sputerring film is used in the Hypro series. It is the most advanced car window film on the market. It is lighter than other materials but can more effectively block direct sunlight. 

Comparison Of Car Tint Series #2 – Pricing

Tint Series

Pricing is one factor that car owners will consider when getting their car window tinted. But remember, you get what you pay for. The material used to make the car tint is one of the biggest factors that affect the pricing. 

The Classic Pro Series is the most affordable package for those with limited budgets. It starts from RM399. The Supreme Series starts from RM588, while the Titanum Series starts from RM758. The Hypro Series starts from RM1,188. 

The price for the Nano series will be higher due to better quality. There are three choices for you to choose from. The price for Nano pro-c will start from RM1,100, Nano pro-v will start from RM1,800, and Nano pro-I will start from RM1,450.

The prices vary depending on the package you choose and also the number of windows you want to get tinted. The more windows you want to get tinted, the higher the price will be. Choose according to your budget and requirements. 

Comparison Of Car Tint Series #3 – Warranty Period

Tint Series

Warranty is important when you get your car tinted. Although it is only for a limited period but this is to guarantee that if you have problem just after you get your car tinted, the company will help you to fix or replace. 

The warranty period for each car tint series at U Tint Kulai will be different. The Classic Pro series has a two-year warranty, the Supreme series has a three-year warranty, and the Titanum and Hypro series have a five-year warranty. 

These are the warranty periods for each car tint series. For the terms and conditions of the warranty, you can check with U Tint Kulai, as each car tint installer has its own terms and conditions. If your car tint is not properly installed or has any issues, ensure you go back to the car tint installer within the warranty period if the warranty is still available.

Comparison Of Car Tint Series #4 – Infrared Rejected & Total Solar Energy Rejected

Tint Series

Different car tint series have different percentages of infrared and total solar energy rejected. In case you aren’t sure what infrared and total solar energy are, here’s a brief explanation. Infrared rejected is the total amount of infrared rays rejected by the film. A higher amount means the film rejects more infrared rays. Total solar energy is the total amount of solar energy that is rejected.

The infrared rejected and total solar energy for classic pro series will be 75% & 38%. For supreme series, infrared rejected will be 85% & total solar energy rejected will be 47% – 48%. The infrared rejected and total solar energy for titanum series will be 93% – 95% & 47% – 58%. The infrared rejected for hypro series is 97% and 47% – 70% for the total solar energy. 

For the Nano series, infrared rejected and total solar energy rejected for nano pro c series will be 85% & 52% – 70%. For Nano pro v series, infrared rejected will be 95% and total solar energy rejected will be 56% – 73%. For Nano pro i series, infrared rejected will be 95% and total solar energy rejected will be 56% – 73%.

Comparison Of Car Tint Series #5 – Visible Light Transmitted

Tint Series

The options for visible light transmitted is different for each car owners and you will want to choose one that suits you and also meet the requirement by the law. 

For Classic Pro, supreme series, Titanum series, and Hypro series, you can choose 70%, 50%, 20%, and 10%. 

For the Nano Pro C series, you have the option of 75%, 45%, 15%, or 5%. 

For Nano Pro v series & Nano Pro I series, you have the option of 70%, 50%, 20% & 5%

Wrap Up

Nothing is better than installing a car tint that suits you. Check out all these car tint series at U Tint Kulai. With all the differences listed out, you will know better which to choose, or you can ask for more information from U Tint Kulai.


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