2024 Comprehensive Guide On Carbon Or Ceramic Car Tint

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There are many car tint materials in the market, including carbon and ceramic car tint. Each material has different features. They have their pro and cons. It can be overwhelming to decide which one to use. Most of the time, car owners depend on the car tint installer to explain to them. 

Besides depending on the car tint installer to explain to you, you can do your own research. Information can be easily found on the internet nowadays. But you need to ensure that the infomation is from a reliable resource. U Tint Kulai has been sharing reliable resources to help car owners to know about car tint and window replacement. 

Carbon and ceramic car tint are common car tinting materials. If these two materials are one of the materials that you are considering and can’t make up your mind. We will compare these two materials in this article. It will help you understand more about it. 

What Is Carbon Car Tint?

Ceramic Car Tint

Carbon car tint film includes carbon particles. The carbon particles help to absorb light, preventing your car from overheating. A carbon car tint film has multiple layers and each layer has its own purpose. Each manufacturer may use different composition, the composition may differ. 

Most manufacturer will use the polyester as the base layer. It helps to provide structural integrity to the film. They will apply a layer of adhesive on one side of the polyester film. On the other side of the polyester film, there will be a layer of carbon particles. A top coating will be applied to protect the carbon particles from scratches, dirt and other damage. 

What Is Ceramic Car Tint?

Ceramic Car Tint

Ceramic particles are the primary component for ceramic car tint. Compared to other car tint film, ceramic car tint is the premium product in the car tint film market. The ceramic particles have its unique ability. One of them is blocking up to 99% of the UR rays. 

Similar to carbon car tint, ceramic car tint has multiple layers. But the composition may vary from different manufacturer. It also uses polyester as the base layer, applying adhesive on one side. The other side will be covered with a protective coating. 

Pros & Cons Of Carbon Car Tint

Ceramic Car Tint

Carbon tint is a more budget-friendly optionIt will be easier for those who have a tight budget but want to protect their car. Although it is slightly cheaper, it doesn’t mean the quality is compromised. It is still able to reduce a certain level of heat inside the car, allowing you to drive more comfortably. 

Carbon car tint film will have a darker look, making it harder for outsider to look what’s inside your car. It will give you more privacy. But it can be tough to look through the window at night due to a darker film. Besides, the darker look of the car tint can enhance the look of your car, giving a deep shade effect. This definitely suit those who are looking to enhance their car look. 

Although it can reduce the heat in the car, its UV protection will not be as strong as that of ceramic tint. It will not be able to block harmful UV rays well. The color will also fade as time passes, affecting the look of the car. 

Pros & Cons of Ceramic Car Tint

Ceramic Car Tint

The heat rejection of ceramic car tint is able to block heat, reducing the heat in your car. Your car will be cooler as you drive in the hot weather. It has great UV protection, blocking up to 99% of UV rays. You won’t get sunburned easily. 

Driving with the sun shining to your eyes can be difficult. With the help of ceramic tint, there will be lesser glare from the sun, allowing you to drive safely. Certain film material may interrupt the signal for handphone and GPS signal, but ceramic tint won’t have signal interference problems. 

The cost of ceramic car tint will be higher than others, but it is definitely worth the price. Ceramic car tints are stronger and have better durability. 

But installing ceramic car tint requires serious skills. You need to find a reliable car tint installer to do it, or it will compromise its advantages. 

Should I Choose Carbon Or Ceramic Car Tint?

Ceramic Car Tint

There’s no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing the right car tint. There are many factors that will affect your decision, such as budget, quality, privacy, or using the latest technology. Different people will have different needs and requirements. Choose according to your needs. 

Carbon car tints have a lower cost but has a good ability to reject heat. It has a darker shade, which allows you to have more privacy. It also does enhance the look of your car, allowing your car to look classier and more sophisticated. 

Ceramic car tint will be slightly more expensive. But they provide higher quality result. If you are able to afford ceramic car tint, then it is better to opt for ceramic car tint. It has better results in protecting you and your car from heat, UR rays, and sun’s glare. Ceramic car tint may not have a darker shade but still able to create a private environment.

Ceramic car tint can do everything that carbon car tint can, but it is more efficient and protects you better. However, the cost will be something you want to consider. Ask yourself if you can pay more for better quality. Both are a good choice; it all depends on what you want and your budget. 

Packages At U Tint Kulai

Ceramic Car Tint

U Tint Kulai offers car tint film made from different materials, such as carbon-dyed film and nana ceramic film. They offer different packages and visible light transmissions. 

Their prices start from RM399. You can choose according to your budget and needs. U Tint Kulai has been in the market for years and definitely provides the best service. You can also check with them for professional advice if you need it. 


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