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Car Window Tint - U Cool Plus

U Cool Tint

U Cool Plus - Specification

Multi-Stacked Magnetron Spuettering

U Cool Plus unique formula performs well in reflecting infrared heat keeping both glass and interior of the Magnetron car at optimum comfort temperature.

  • Unique formula that works differently
    (reflects instead of absorbs)
  • Pure metal composition materials
  • Multi-stacked magnetron contains
  • 6 layers sputtered


View Car From Top View

Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays

Keeps the car cool

Glare Reduction

High optical density resolution

Atomize dust reduction workshop

To solve the problem of dust pollution on the vehicle surface during installation. Our workshop is equip with dust reduction system to ensure up to 99% dust free installation.

Remarkable colour stability & clarity

Color stability and clarity is one of the first things you should look for in an automotive window film. And we are so proud that our product line fit in this feature above the average.

A Tinted Car
Long lasting performance

Hotter than usual, bubble popping ,color fading and right after a few month?We know how it feel, when the tint is losing its performance.
You are protected wtih long lasting performance for up to 5 years warranty at U Tint Johor Bahru.

Titanum Series From U Tint
A Tinted Car
Titanum Series From U Tint


is removal of tint with additional charge?

Yes, its with a small fee range from RM80 -RM100. Depend on the car segment.

is pick up & delivery service free of charge?

Yea, Its free. Get pick up & delivery service with our consultant to schedule with the said service. It save you a lot of time.

what happen if bubble occur after installation?

We pratice every installation to be in details and perfect, but human make mistake sometimes. We are responsible for said problem to be solve untill satisfication.

do you take credit card payment?

Yes, we do take credit card payment in our offline store and online store.

do you take partial installation?

Yes, we do cover partial installation base on your needs, like front screen, rear screen , window screen etc.


It depends on the selected tint package. It’s range from 5yrs. However, we are so confident that our product does it jobs wells, it work as it listed.

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