3 Important Factors To Consider For Windscreen Crack Repair Or Replacement

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Getting hit by a rock can cause your windscreen to crack. Sometimes, it is unavoidable, no matter how careful you are. But there is one thing that you need to consider after realizing your windscreen is having a crack. Whether you need a windscreen crack repair or to replace the whole windscreen. 

Most car owners may want to opt for a windscreen crack repair to save some cost but not all kind of cracks are suitable to repair. Some cracks may require car owners to replace the whole windscreen. There are many factors to consider before you make a decision.

But how do you determine whether you need a windscreen replacement or repair? We will discuss the factors in this article to help you have a clearer understanding of when you can have a windscreen repair and when to have a windscreen replacement.

Windscreen Crack Repair Or Replacement #1 – Size & Depth

Windscreen Crack Repair

Minor chips are repairable, but it also depends on the size & depth of the chips. If the chip is at the passenger side and the diameter of the crack is around 2.5 centimetre can usually be repaired. But if the chips manage to damage the outer and inner layer of the windscreen, you will have to replace the windscreen no matter how small the chip is. It is because it has affected the strength of the windscreen.

Many car owners tend to ignore small cracks, but it can become a crack without you knowing when. You should deal with the issue as soon as possible. Check with your professional technician if the chip on your windscreen requires a repair or replacement.

Getting it checked allows the technician to repair the chip better, as debris can get stuck in it, affecting the quality of repairIt also reduces the chances of the chip becoming a crack, and you will end up changing the whole windscreen.

Windscreen Crack Repair Or Replacement #2 – Location of Damage

Windscreen Crack Repair

The location of the damage affects the decision whether to repair or replace the windscreen. A minor chip on the passenger side can be repairedNo matter how good the repair is, there will be a small blemish in the glass. It won’t affect the driver if it is on the passenger side, but it is a different story if it is on the driver side.

Whether chips or cracks on the driver’s side, it will affect or cause distraction to the driver’s vision. The driver may misjudge the situation and caused an accident. At this point, a windscreen replacement is needed

Another situation requiring a windscreen replacement is the damage near the edge of the windscreen. Damage in this area will weaken the integrity of the windscreen as there may be cracks under the frame that can’t be seen. Also, it is hard for the technician to use their tools. A good repair won’t be able to proceed under this situation. 

Windscreen Crack Repair Or Replacement #3 – The Severity Of Damage

Windscreen Crack Repair

How serious the chip is determines whether you need a windscreen replacement or repair. As mentioned above, minor chips can be repaired. But if it extends to cracks or even more serious conditions, you will need to change the windscreen.

Check if there is any possibility of water going through the crack. If there is, your windscreen is in a bad shape. The windscreen may break anytime and can be a danger to you when you are driving. 

Immediate attention is needed when you realized there’s a chip on your windscreen. Delaying it may lead to serious condition and it will also require a windscreen replacement. Do bring your car to check early if it needs a repair. 

Type of cracks

Windscreen Crack Repair

Bullseye: A bullseye usually has a small crack in the centre surrounded by a bigger circle. It is usually caused by a hit from a stone or other round objects. If immediate action is taken, it can be easily repaired. If it gets bigger, it may require a windscreen replacement.

Half Moon: A half moon can be repaired easily. It is similar to a bullseye. The difference between a half moon and a bullseye is that a bullseye is a circle, but a half moon is a half circle with a dull edge. 

Edge Crack: The most common windscreen crack and can be identified easily. The cracks start from the edge of the windscreen and extend inwards. This is usually due to the windscreen wasn’t installed properly and you will need to replace it. 

Floater Crack: Floater cracks often start in the middle of the screen and can extend across the windscreen. In a serious case, they can obstruct the driver’s view. Temperature fluctuation is the main reason for this crack. In this case, you will usually need to replace the windscreen. 

Star Break: Star break will have cracks leading out from the impact point. It will look like a star shape. It often will extend more if no action is taken immediately. It can be repaired only when it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view or you need a windscreen replacement. 

Combination break: Combination break is the most serious damage to the windscreen. The cracks may include bullseye, star break, etc. They often happen due to accidents or falling rocks and branches. It is impossible to repair them, and replacing the windscreen is the most affordable option. 

Can I Claim Insurance For Windscreen Replacement?

Windscreen Crack Repair

Yes, you can. Usually, the insurance company will ask why you need to change your windscreen and what caused the cracks. You may contact your insurance company for the nearest workshop panel. 

The insurance company will need the vehicle owner’s identity card, driving license, insurance cover notes, and vehicle grant. 

The panel workshop will usually help you to deal directly with the insurance company for the claim after they replace the windscreen. 

Here is an idea for you when to repair or replace your windscreen. The staff at the workshop will usually help you to identify which is the best way. Ensure that you take immediate action when there’s a crack on your windscreen before it gets worse.  


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