The Latest JPJ Rules For Car Tinted 2024

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The weather in Malaysia is hot during most of the months. Tinting your car is a good way to keep the heat out, especially during the heat wave we have been facing for the past one month. But before tinting, you need to understand the JPJ rules for car tinted 2024.

Many people tend to opt for the darker tint to prevent the heat from getting into the car and also to keep some privacy. But there are actually rules to follow, which is set by the JPJ.

Ignoring the rules set by JPJ may end up getting fine. You wouldn’t want that to happen, so it is important to understand the latest JPJ rules for car tinted 2024. Let’s find out about the rules for cars tinted.

JPJ Rules For Car Tinted 2024

Jpj Rules For Car Tinted 2024

There are different tinted levels for you to choose from, depending on your needs. But JPJ has regulated the percentage of tint you can use for different areas of your car.

According to JPJ rules, the VLT for the windshield must have at least 70%. The VLT for side windows at the passenger and driver’s seats must have at least 50%, while the rear windows in the backseat can be fully tinted.

Application For Fully Dark Window Tint

Jpj Rules For Car Tinted 2024

Do you know that road users can apply for fully dark vehicle window tints? Yes, you can apply for it. This rule has been around since 2019, but it is not applicable to everyone.

This is only applicable for those who have health issues or for security purpose. For those who want to apply for fully dark vehicle window will need to apply with JPJ. The application will need to be approved by JPJ before you fully tint your car window. You will also need to pay a fee of RM5,000 for 2 years. 

Those who want to apply for a fully dark vehicle window can visit the JPJ website for more information. If you are applying for it for health reasons, you must get a medical report from either a public or private hospital. You will need a police report or a letter of support if you are applying for security reasons. You can get the form from the website and also the full list of requirements to get the application approved. 

The approval was previously approved by the Transport Minister. Anthony Loke removed the discretion of the Transport Minister for the approval of fully dark window tints in 2019. The power was transferred to the director-general of JPJ.

What Happens If Not Following The Rules & Regulations For Car Tinted

Previously, you may have heard that you may get a fine of up to RM2,000 or up to 6 months of jail for the first time. For subsequent conviction, you may fined up to RM4,000 or up to 12 months in jail.

There are rules and regulations on it. Anthony Loke has clarified the rules and regulations for tinted vehicle windows in Malaysia. He clarified that cars that do not tint the windows according to specs will not land you in jail. He mentioned that JPJ has confirmed no one has been jailed for such an offence.

Up to 6 months in jail is a general regulation for most offences, not specifically for not who did not tint their car windows according to the spec. Most of the time, car owners who do not follow the specs will be issued a compound notice. They will only be brought to court if they do not pay up the compound.

The Importance Of Following The Rules And Regulation For Car Tinting

Jpj Rules For Car Tinted 2024

Besides the consequences that you will be facing for not obeying the rules, there are rules set due to protect the safety of all road users. Tinting car windows can reduce the heat in your car but tinting your car window too dark will endanger the safety of you and other road users.

The reason why there are tinting restriction is to ensure drivers have enough visibility when driving on the road. 

The VLT for the front windshield is set to at least 70% of the light to enter is because drivers will need to focus on what they are seeing in the front. They need a clear view to ensure there’s no obstruction blocking them. 

There is a limitation for the front side windows is because drivers will also need to observe the side of the car as there may be things coming from the side. 

While the side windows at the back and rear windshield can be at 0% level of VLT. This is because drivers will be focusing the front most of the time. 

Understanding Tint Percentage

Jpj Rules For Car Tinted 2024

Most car owners may get their car window tinted, they may go according to the rules of car tinting or the supplier’s recommendation. But how many of you understand what the tint percentage means?

Car window tint percentage refers to the light that is able to pass through the car window. If you decide to opt for 70% , that means 30% of all incoming light will be blocked. More lights will get blocked if you opt for lower percentage and the darker the window will be. 

Jpj Rules For Car Tinted 2024

There are different percentages you can choose from, and it depends on your needs. In Malaysia, most people will opt for 70% for their windshield as you can’t go lower than that. You can opt for a higher percentage, such as 80% or 85%, but it may not give the protection you need.

Although 70% window tint allows a substantial amount of light to enter the car, it is enough to keep the sunlight away. You will have enough visibility to look out while keeping your car cool.

50% is another common option in Malaysia. It allows 50% of visible light to pass through, giving car owners a balance between privacy, visibility, and reducing the heat.

There are lower percentages, such as 35%, 25%, and even 0%. These lower choices are often for the back side windows and rear windscreen in the backseat. It depends on how much light you want to block and protecting yourself from the UR rays.


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