Understand 5 Factors That Affect Car Tinted Price In Johor

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Getting your car tinted definitely gets lots of benefits, such as reducing the heat in your car and having more privacy. But the car tinted price in Johor is something you want to be concerned about if you are staying in this state. 

There are many factors that will affect the price of car tinting. Each car tint installer charged differently. The price can have a wide range. For example, the price at U Tint Kulai can range from RM399 to RM2,600.

It can be a wide range. You may be wondering why the price can have a big difference. Don’t get confused, as we will be discussing the factors that will affect the car tinted price in Johor. 

Factors Affecting Car Tinted Price In Johor

1. The Model Of The Car

Car Tinted Price In Johor

One of the factors that will affect the car tinted price in Johor is the car model. Most of the cars have the same amount of windows but the size may vary. Some may even require special skills to get the job done. 

For example, coupe’s windows may have steep rear or curved windows. It may require some skills to tint it and there may require a higher labour cost. SUV may have more windows and bigger, which may require more tint film. It will require a higher price for it. 

Some car models may even need special tinting due to the window size to meet the car owner’s requirements. Some may be harder to tint. All these may require higher labor costs. 

2. Numbers Of Windows

Car Tinted Price In Johor

The number of windows you want to tint will also affect the price of car tinting. Most cars have the same amount of windows, it doesn’t have much issues as most car owners will tint all of it. But does this means you need to tint all the windows?

The answer is no. Most car owners will choose to tint all their car windows, including the windshieldBut some owners may have specific requirements. They may not want to tint all their windows. The price will go up as the more windows you want to tint. You will want to check with your car tint installer how much they charge per window.

It’s worth mentioning that the number and size of windows can vary significantly depending on the type of vehicle. For instance, buses typically have more and larger windows compared to other vehicles. This can lead to a higher price for tinting. On the other hand, a coupe, with its two doors and fewer windows, may also incur a slightly higher cost due to the skill required for tinting its curved windows. 

3. Type Of Film

Car Tinted Price In Johor

There are many types of films in the market, and each film will cost differently. This is because each film has its own unique feature and the technology used in the film may be different. You need to understand the unique characteristic of each film before you decide. 

Each type of film has a different quality. The higher the quality, the higher the cost. For example, ceramic window tint is the best quality among all the films. One feature that most car owners love is that it doesn’t interfere with mobile phone and radio signals. 

If you are looking for a more affordable type of tint, dyed window tint will be your preferred choice. However, the quality of this tint may not be as good as that of ceramic window tint. Do expect the tint to fade over time. 

Carbon tint is another option, and the price is towards the average. It helps to block infrared light effectively. It can be overwhelming with the choices. Get a professional team to help you if you are still unsure which one to choose. U Tint does have a few options for you to choose from. 

4. The Brand Of The Tint Film

Car Tinted Price In Johor

Different brands may have different features. The prices of each brand may vary too. It is important to choose a reputable brand in the industry. Investing in the wrong one will lead you to a bad experience. 

There’s a few brand in Malaysia that is popular for their quality and reliability, such as V Kool, 3M auto film, and LLumar. You can check with your car tint installer which brand they are using.

V Kool is one of the pioneer in the industry. What makes them popular is their advanced heat-rejection technology. Besides blocking UV rays, it can also reduce infrared heat. 

LLumar is a brand that is recognized globally. They provide high-quality film, which helps protect you from UV and your privacy without compromising visibility. 

These are some of the brands in Malaysia. The price will be higher for a more reputable brand. Try to avoid investing in a cheaper brand as it may not provide the results you need. 

5. Existing Tint

Car Tinted Price In Johor

If you have already tinted your car previously and want to redo it. It involves the process of removing the existing tint. It can be time-consuming to remove the tint. This will affect the price of getting a new tint for your car. 

Removing the existing tinhas to be done carefully. The car tint installer need to ensure the window is clean before installing the new tint. The type of tint and how long the existing tint has been put up can affect the complexity of the job. 

The cost depends on the time the car tint installer needs. Do prepare for a higher cost when you decide to replace a new tint. You can check with the car tint installer to see how much they charge for removing the existing tint. 

Wrap Up

These are the factors that will affect the car tinted price in Johor. The price can vary depending on your needs and requirements. Ensure that the cost is within your budget and also meets your needs. U Tint Kulai is one of the car tint installers in Johor Bahru that offers you affordable prices and high-quality film and service.


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