5 Important Questions To Ask Before Getting Car Tinted In JB

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There are many reasons you should get your car window tinted. Many people are getting their car tinted in JB, the hot weather in Malaysia is one of the reasons. 

Before getting your car tinted in JB, there are many factors you should consider. Car tint installer is one of the factors. Before you choose the car tint installer, there are questions you should ask them.

Asking them questions helps you to understand more about the process and what you will be expecting. Not sure what to ask? Not to worry, as we will be discussing the questions you can ask when getting your car tinted in JB. 

Questions To Ask When Getting You Car Tinted In JB

Question 1: How Long Does The Tint Last?

Car Tinted In Jb

Don’t get the wrong idea that the tint will last forever after you install it. A good quality tint can last at least 5 years in Malaysia. But there are many factors that will affect the lifespan of the tint.

The material of the tint is one of the main reasons that will affect the lifespan of the tint. Different types of tints will have different lifespans. Lower-quality tints can fade within months, while higher-quality can last for years.

How you take care of the tint will also affect the lifespan. Without proper maintenance, the lifespan will be shorter. You may need to change the tint if it loses its effectiveness.

When installing your car tint, ensure you check with the car tint installer if they have any suggestions for a longer lifespan. It is better to get a better quality, which can help you to save cost, time, and stress.

Question 2: Is There Any Warranty?

Car Tinted In Jb

Warranty is important as it guarantees that the supplier’s services/products are in good condition. Do check with the car tint installer if they provide any warranty.

Remember, each car tint installer has its own terms and conditions. It’s crucial to understand these details, including the duration of the warranty and what it covers. It helps you to make an informed decision.

Does it cover bubbling, fading, peeling, and even discoloring? All these can affect whether the car tint supplier will be responsible for it within the warranty period.

If they do not provide any warranty, you do want to reconsider if you want to choose them. A good car tint installer trusts their quality of service, and they won’t mind providing a warranty to you.

Question 3: The Cost Of Tinting

Car Tinted In Jb

The price is definitely something you want to know before deciding to get your car window tinted. Different car tint installers have different pricing and packages for you to choose from. Do ask them about what they include in the package.

You will also want to compare the price with a few car tint installers. Consider if it is affordable for you, whether if it fit your requirements, if it is in your budget, etc. The cost is usually affected by the type of tint you choose, the number of windows you want to tint, etc.

The price at U-tint Kulai ranges from RM399 to RM1188. You can choose from different packages. Consult our professional team for further information on the packages. You can find one that fits your budget and requirements.

Question 4: Type Of Car Window Tint You Can Choose From

Car Tinted In Jb

There are many types of car window tints to choose from, including dyed, metalized, hybrid, carbon, and ceramic. Each type of tint has its own features, and the tint installer may only install certain types of tint.

It is important to understand the features of tint. For example, dyed tint can absorb sunlight but has limited ability to block heat. It is the most common and affordable type. Metalized tints can keep out sunlight by using reflection but may interfere with a radio or GPS signal.

Do check with the tint installer about the type of tint they provide. The installer can explain the pros and cons of each tint, helping you make a better choice. The price for each type of tint is also different. It will be more expensive for those with better quality.

Question 5: How Long Should I Wait To Roll Down My Window After Tinting?

Car Tinted In Jb

Don’t rush to roll down your window after tinting it. You should check with the installer how long you should wait before winding down the car window.

You may be wondering why you need to wait for some time before you can wind down you window. The main reason is because when tinting your car window, the installer uses a thin laminate film and places it on the surface of your car window. It has a special kind of glue on it, which is often a water-based solution.

It needs time to dry to stay firm on the window. Rolling down the window before it dries up may cause scratches on the tint film or even cause it to peel off. You may need to redo it if the situation is bad. So do check with the installer how long it will take to dry up before winding down the window.

Question #6 - What Are The Window Tint Percentage Available?

Car Tinted In Jb

There are different tint percentage in the market. It affects the visibility of the car. The higher the percentage is, the lighter the shade is. For example, 80% means that 80% of lights will pass through the window.

The common percentage include 70%, 50%, 35%, 20%, and 5% tint. It depends on your requirements. But take note, Malaysia has rules & regulations on car tinting. You need to follow the rules and regulations when deciding the tint percentage.

The VLT that U-Tint Kulai offers includes 70%, 50%, 20% & 10%. You can choose according to your needs. The professional team can also provide their advice to help you make an informed decision. Every car tint installer may provide different options, so do check whether it fits your need.


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