Car Window Tint Replacement: 5 Warning Signs To Replace It

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With the benefits that you receive from getting your car window tinted, it makes your driving experience more enjoyable. It can reduce the heat, enhance your privacy, and even protect your car interior and you against UV rays. However, a car’s window tint may not withstand wear and tear, and it is important for you to know when is time for a car window tint replacement.

There is no fixed answer for how long a car window tint lasts. There are many factors that will affect the lifespan of the car window tint, such as the quality of the tint, the environmental conditions where you use your car, and the exposure to sunlight.

With proper care, it is possible to extend the lifespan of your tinted car window, but eventually, you will still need to replace it. If you are unsure when is time for a car window tint replacement, read on as we will discuss the signs that show your car window tint is time to be replaced.

Car Window Tint Replacement Signs #1 - Bubbling And Air Pockets

Car Window Tint Replacement

When you see your car’s window tint has bubbles and bulges between the window and tint film, it is time to replace your car’s tint. It can affect your car’s appearance and the function you will get from tinting your window. It is often a sign that the job was poorly done.

Most of the time, when there are bubbles foaming, it is due to the windows being cleaned before the tint was installed. Without proper cleaning, grease, dust, debris, or other contaminants will be trapped between the tint film and the glass. Besides bubbles, it will also cause air pockets when the tint is overexposed to the sunlight.

So, if you see any bubbles or air pockets forming between your tint and glasses. You should replace your car’s tint as soon as possible. Ensure you check for any warranty for installing your car window tint. Ensure you use the right type of tint film for your car.

Car Window Tint Replacement Signs #2 – Tint Is Peeling Or Having Scratches

Car Window Tint Replacement

You might need a new car window tint if you see any scratches, scrapes, or peelings. The car’s window tint with scratches or scrapes can affect the appearance of your car. It is usually caused by frequent cleanings or other elements that scratch the tint. Besides affecting the appearance, your car’s window tint may peel off as it may not be able to stick well on your car window.

Another reason that will cause your tint to peel is that it has been exposed to heat and UV rays for years. It is uncommon for tint film to peel, but unfortunately, its adhesive may deteriorate after years. As the tint ages, it will slowly peel from the corners and edges. It may get worse if you need to roll down your windows often.

So, it is best to replace your car window tint if you find any scratches or any signs of peeling. You can remove it yourself, but it is best to leave it to a professional such as U Tint. The process may look easy, but it still requires some skill.

Car Window Tint Replacement Signs #3 – Fading Or Discoloration

Car Window Tint Replacement

Another sign to replace your car window tint is when they have started to fade or change color. The window tint will fade or change color due to exposure to the sun for long hours. The UV rays will compromise the pigment in the tint. This situation is unavoidable.

Another reason that will cause your car window tint to fade is poor installation. Improper installation may cause the tint not to adhere properly to the window. This will allow the UV rays to penetrate the tint. Harsh cleaning products will cause your window tint to fade; avoid using harsh cleaning products to clean your window. Other factors include dirt, chemicals, and pollution.

Do replace your car’s tin film when it starts to fade. This is to ensure the maximum protection of your car interior and you from UV rays. Consider getting premium tints, which are better at retaining their color over time.

Car Window Tint Replacement Signs #4 – It Takes Longer Time To Cool Down Your Car

Car Window Tint Replacement

Tinting your car’s windows is supposed to keep the inside of your car cool, especially when you park your car in an open space under the sun. But what if you suddenly feel that your car doesn’t cool down as soon as it used to? It may be time to replace your car window tint.

As time passes, your tint film will deteriorate as it is exposed to the sun, which affects its ability to keep the heat out from your car. You can’t see if there’s any problem with the tint visually. So, if your car can’t cool down even with your air-cond on in full blast, it is time to consider replacing a new one. But make sure that there is the culprit for the heat is not due to a spoilt air-cond.

Car Window Tint Replacement Signs #5 – Legal Issues

Car Window Tint Replacement

Each country has laws regulating how dark you can tint your car window. You may be pulled over due to your car window tint is too dark. The consequences depend on the law in the country you are staying in.

The darkness of the tint is usually known as the visible light transmission percentage (VLT). There are different percentages for VLT. The darkness of window tint depends on the percentage you choose. The higher the percentage, the more visible it is.

Most countries will restrict the percentage of visible light transmission for the front windshield and front side window. This is to ensure drivers can see clearly, especially at night. For tinting regulation in Malaysia, you can read our article “Car Tinting Rules Approved By JPJ Malaysia 2023”. If you are traveling to Singapore often, you will also want to check out the regulations in Singapore. You can read our article on the latest update on the car tinting regulation.


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