Getting Car Window Tinted: 5 Important Factors Before Getting It Done

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It is a great way to reduce the heat in your car by getting your car window tinted. But how many of you have really considered whether you are getting the right car window tint? It may not cause a huge damage, but if something goes wrong, it definitely will be a waste of money.

Think about it yourself. The reason you want to get your car window tinted is to reduce the heat in your car and protect yourself from UV rays. There won’t be a big issue if the installation process is smooth. But what if the quality of the tint film isn’t good or the person who does it for you isn’t doing a good job?

If something goes wrong after you get your car tinted, you will be spending more money to go through the process again. To avoid this situation, there are things you need to consider before getting your car window tinted. In this article, we will discuss the factors you should consider.

Factors To Consider When Getting Your Car Window Tinted

1. Purpose Of Getting Your Car Window Tinted

Car Window Tinted

There are many benefits you can get from getting your car window tinted. It can help to reduce the heat in your car or block UR rays. Before getting your car window tinted, you should determine the main responsibility of the tint.

Staying in Malaysia, the weather is hot throughout the year. Most car owners get their cars tinted to reduce the heat in their cars. If filtering out the heat is your main purpose, there are some options where it can reduce heat by up to 50%.

Blocking the UV rays is another common reason. Most of you would know that overexposed to UV rays can be harmful, and there’s a possibility that it will cause cancer. With the help of car tint, it can filter up to 99.9% of the UV rays. Other reasons may include privacy and aesthetics.

Decide on what your purpose is and discuss it with your tint installer regarding the available options. They can give professional advice on it.

2. Consider The Type Of Tints

Car Window Tinted

Many car owners may think that there is only one type of tint, but actually, there are a few types of tints you can find in the market. The common types of tints you can find in Malaysia include dyed window tint, metalized window tint, hybrid window tint, carbon window tint, and ceramic window tint.

Different types of tints have pros and cons, which you need to consider when deciding which one to use for your car windows. For example, ceramic window tint can be quite pricey, but it can block heat and UV rays more effectively. One of the disadvantages is that it may cause low visibility during the night or low lighting conditions.

For dyed window tint, it can create different colors on your window and is more affordable. However, it may not be as effective as others in reducing heat and blocking UV rays.

Deciding which type of tints to use depends on your preference and your purpose for getting car window tints.

3. Find A Reliable Tint Installer

Car Window Tinted

There are many tint installers around in the area. The most important thing is to find one that is reliable. Ensure they have proper experience in tinting car windows. A professional tint installer will usually receive proper training to install the tint on your car correctly. They will also provide tints that have better quality.

Check up reviews and references on the tint installer around your area. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family. You can even find reviews online. The recommendations and reviews you get can help you narrow down your options.

Once you have decided, grab the chance to communicate with them. You can get some opinions from the tint installer on the type of tint you need for your car window. Let them know what you need. Usually, a professional tint installer will let you know what to expect after the job is done. U Tint is one of the best tint installers in Johor, where you can get professional advice.

4. Knowing The Price

Car Window Tinted

You wouldn’t want things to get out of your budget. So, before you decide on which type of tint you want, check out the price. The price of getting your car window tinted can range from a few hundred to one thousand plus, and you wouldn’t want to overspend.

Tint installers like U Tint have different packages to help you tint your car. It depends on what you need, such as privacy, reducing the heat, or blocking the UV rays. Do shop around first before you decide. Compare the price, and you will have a rough idea of how much the cost is.

It can be overwhelmed with so many tinting companies around. Do find one that has a good reputation. Find the right one and discuss your need to get the best deal for your car tint.

5. Consider The Visibility

Car Window Tinted

There are different percentages of visible light transmission when it comes to tinting your car window, and you should understand that. Different percentages have different visibility. Consider the darkness of the tint, as it can affect your visibility when you are driving.

Make sure you have a clear view of the road when you decide on the darkness of the tint. Many countries, including Malaysia, have regulations on the visibility of your car window tint. This is because dark window tints can interfere with your vision and lead to an accident.

You may think there wouldn’t be a problem with a darker-tinted window. But during nighttime or heavy rain, it will be hard to see the oncoming cars. So, prioritize your safety and opt for window tint that will not affect your visibility.

If you are a first-timer or thinking of replacing your car window tint and have not considered these factors before, do consider these factors when you are getting your car window tinted. It helps you to find the right type of tint for your car.


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